June 18th, 2009

Monster Beach Party!

In the summer, Miley and Howie’s favorite place to go is the beach! :)

This “Attention Dogs” sign cracks me up every time! :)

Miley and Howie love fetching this bright orange rubber bouncy ball anywhere they go…

But Miley thinks it’s so much more fun with the salty air in her hair and the sand between her toes! ;)

If the ball goes into the ocean, Howie makes a big splash diving in to retrieve it :)

While fighting over possession of the ball, Howie body slams into Miley-  2 dogs, 8 legs, and none of them touching the ground!

This time Howie dove for the ball, but ended up taking a tumble and rolled a few feet in the sand.

Howie always has a blast running up and down the beach.


When it comes to the ocean, Howie is the brave one- He’ll just jump right in!

He loves swimming out into the surf and fetching sticks.

Miley prefers to stay on the beach and catch her frisbee.

Of course Howie joins in on the beach frisbee fun too. ;)

A little too much sand there, Howie?

Miley and Howie race at top speed across the sand- to see who can get to the frisbee first!

Uh oh! It went into the ocean!

But that’s no problem for Howie. :)

Now if the ball goes into the ocean, Miley has to go get it. She doesn’t like it, but Howie’s mouf isn’t big enough to hold onto the ball! :)

Howie’s soakin’ up the rays- check out his new beachy surfboard collar! :)

more pics! See the rest of the pics from Miley and Howie’s beach vacation!

Thanks for looking! :)


  1. yayy! great pics! florida has such wonderful beaches…cant wait to get back w/ the pups!

  2. Jennifer
    at 1:21:23 pm

    Awesome pictures! I think the last one would be a really cute postcard. :o)

  3. Looks like a fun time! The “Wheee” one is too cute!

  4. They look so happy! I love the pics – especially when they jump and no feet are touching the ground!

  5. I love your pictures of your dogs, they are so cute! We love to take our dogs to the beach! If they would only play and swim in the water like yours does! I love your blog!

  6. 6

    Gotta love these dogs. You really captured their spirit. How much fun is running on the beach all alone! What beach is that, that you would have it all to yourself????

  7. I had no idea you had a blog for your dogs!! I love it. What great pictures! I am a huge fan of yours, I keep telling my husband, well Amanda did this to her laundry room and Kevin and Amanda have these dogs, Amanda posted new fonts, etc. I think he is sick of it, but he doesn’t complain about your recipies! :) Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and pictures!

  8. these dogs are AWESOME~!!!!!

  9. marissa Cohen
    at 7:28:19 pm

    i LOVE miley and howie. my husband and i had a boston terrier, Daisy up until last year. she lost her battle to cancer :( i found your site somehow and i am so excited to see all these wonderful photos of your babies. bostons are the most loyal,loving, kind hearted dogs. all daisy ever wanted to do besides eat ,was to lick our faces off, snort, play and snuggle. she was a very good older sister to franklin(our wiener dog) we miss her. thank you for this wonderful way i can look at bostons and remember our girl. xoxo

  10. Hi you monsters ..hihhii lovely pictures of a great day.
    bye bye,Lean&Misty.

  11. LOVE your dogs!!! SO cute. Also – noted the Chuck-it balls! Those are the ONLY balls that survive in our house!!! (We’ve a golden and a little terrier mix).

  12. i just found your (or rather, Miley and Howie’s) blog… they are so precious!! i have a boston too, Tinkerbell. love all of your pictures.

  13. Isabella
    at 10:26:30 am

    Wonderful dogs!

  14. Isabella
    at 10:28:17 am

    I loved your dogs, very cute.

  15. HOW FUN!!! Great Photos- You are such a good dong mamma!!

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