June 20th, 2009

Monster POOL Party!

One of Miley and Howie’s favorite summer hangouts is the POOL! :) They *love* to hang out by the pool and play VOLLEYBALL!! :)

They love to bounce it back and forth- like seals!

My, what BIG TEETH you have, Miley!

Miley doesn’t like swimming in the ocean, but she loves swimming in the pool! :)

She just jumps right it- It’s hard to keep her out of it.

She LOVES it when you bring the ball out- just look at those eyes! :)

She’s great at volleyball *in* the pool too.

Miley swims with slow, relaxed, easy strokes.

Howie usually prefers to lounge by the pool and watch- but eventually he can’t resist. He has to join in on the fun! :)

Oof- I think that water was a little colder than he was expecting!

But after he jumps in a couple of times, he gets used to it and dives right in like a pro. :)

Howie swims *fast*!!! And with all his might! He would *easily* beat Miley in a race. :)

He tries to play pool volleyball too. ;)

When they’re not swimming, Miley and Howie are right at the edge of the pool, trying to get that ball!

The look on Miley’s face after a successful serve is priceless! :)

there’s more! See the rest of the pics from Miley and Howie’s pool party! (Scroll down past the Beach Party Pics!)


  1. Gail Evans
    at 10:55:07 am

    What a great bunch of fun they look so cool I know others are jelous of them ……They are so much fun to watch from the pics you take.
    Keep up the great work and labor of Love.
    Always friends,
    Gail & Henry Evans

  2. Tanya Alley
    at 9:04:27 pm

    Love your dogs. Looks like you guys enjoy them so much. I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh they are having soo much fun..aren’t they a blessing…don’t know what we would do without our doglets…our doxie Halo loves the water, he has a life vest, and I can carry him like a purse when it all on and strapped tight..that, he is not too sure about!


  4. 4

    Thanks for sharing your babies…I look forward to pics of them!

  5. Love the pics! Your dogs have a playful personality. I bet they keep their proud parents pretty busy.

  6. Oh my Goodness!! Your babies are SO cute! We have 1 Boston Terrier- Mimi and we LOVE her! They are so fun and funny and CUTE!

  7. Heather Melick
    at 12:42:40 pm

    I just watched the videos on your site and of course looked at your pool pictures. They are really wonderful! In fact, they brought tears to my eyes. I have two Bostons myself – I actually found your website because I am a Boston Terrier Club of Maryland member and saw Howie and Miley featured as Bostons for the Month! Congratulations!
    It’s clear you love them and they love you…

  8. This was really good. This is the first time I have looked at your web site?/Blog?. As you can see I am not into a lot of this. I just wanted to say that in 44 years of marriage my husband and I have had five Boston Terriers. We love them. They are so affectionate, have expressions that make them seem like one of us and do the cutest things just in everyday life.
    I hope you will tell your readers about some of these things also because they are the things that I think makes them so special.

  9. 9

    i have a dog named howie also lol. mines a mini snouzer (sp). ur dogs are adorable and look like they are a lot of fun for you and your husband

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