April 2nd, 2009

Muddy Swamp Monsters

This is the story of the muddy swamp monsters.

muddy boston terrier puppies
It was just another average spring afternoon for Miley and Howie, the boston terrier puppies.

muddy boston terrier puppies
They were running around outside, chasing their ball…

muddy boston terrier puppies
Until I accidentally threw their ball in the *wrong* part of the yard.

muddy boston terrier puppies
The Swamp.

muddy boston terrier puppies
Swamp Monster!!!

muddy boston terrier puppies
Balls get lost in the swamp, but that’s no problem for Howie.

muddy boston terrier puppies
I think there may be some Monsters in that swamp.

muddy boston terrier puppies
Miley is dainty, so she hovers over the swamp.

muddy boston terrier puppies
She did pretty good too…

muddy boston terrier puppies
But she misjudged how close that fence was. Doh!

muddy boston terrier puppies

muddy boston terrier puppies
Miley came away with the ball, but not unscathed.

muddy boston terrier puppies
We have some dirty, rotten, stinky puppies….
muddy boston terrier puppies
That can only mean one thing…
muddy boston terrier puppies


muddy boston terrier puppies
Howie so grumpy!!!!

muddy boston terrier puppies
Pweeeeeeeeease, pweeeeeeeeease don’t give me a baf!!!!

muddy boston terrier puppies
I be good forever I promise!!!!!!!

muddy boston terrier puppies
Miley and Howie really enjoy it when spring comes around and they can start playing outside again.

muddy boston terrier puppies
I particularly enjoy watching their lazy fannies get tired after just one run across the yard. ;) I don’t know if it’s cause it’s warmer or if it’s cause they’re so out of shape from hibernating all winter. But we sure do have some worn out puppies around here! ;)
muddy boston terrier puppies

there’s more! see more pics of Miley and Howie in the mud!


  1. Barb JOhnson
    at 4:19:52 am

    What ADORABLE pictures of your adorable babies! WOW!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Did you get them at the same time? Are they siblings? How fun they are!!!!!!!!

  2. Hahahahaha! That is so funny! Everyone is still sleeping and I am trying not to laugh so hard from your funny pictures! Gosh they are so darn cute! Miley has a cute spot on her head like my Boston! We call it his “kiss” spot! Thanks for the great laugh!

  3. It’s good to see Miley and Howie back in the web world! It looks like you all are enjoying spring. Buckeye is usually so good about coming inside when I call, but yesterday was so nice he looked at me and laid down in the sun :-) I took the hint and brought my work outside so we could spend some time out there. I’m dying for some cute mud/bath pictures. Any tips?

  4. I love the last picture! My doggies enjoy the mud too but they’re a lot harder (and bigger) to bathe! :)

  5. Too funny! Your pups are adorable! Looks like they had a great time.

  6. LOL – Awesome photos and story – Miley and Howie are very entertaining.

  7. So cute. They have tons of personality!

  8. What adorable doggies you have. It’s so nice that they play together. I love your pictures! They capture the dogs expressions so well. :)
    May I ask what camera you use to take your pics? They are so clear!
    I’m assuming Canon or Nikon but I’ll probably eat my words by guessing. :) Thanks so much! Lucy

  9. :) I found the camera info under FAQ’s. You are really thorough.
    Love it. Thanks for all the links and advice too. Lucy

  10. Hi Amanda,

    I love your blog! Your dogs are so cute. :-) Thank you so much for the background tutorial on your main blog. It helped me to create the background on my blog! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for how to create neat headers. I love the backgrounds you create and I’m trying to learn how to do it too!

    Alyson and Chase :-)

  11. LOL!Love the monsters…great pics, and I love the new look!


  12. BUAHHAHAHAHA!!!! This pictures are awesome, and they truly are mega monsters… but the cute kind!!!!
    Guys, your pictures are awesome… I will let you know when I open my blog to the public…
    Thanks for all your help with the fonts and backgrounds Amanda…

    Sonia Kertznus

  13. Wow, your blog is so pretty! This is my first visit here and you pups are so cute! I will be back to visit soon.

  14. Oh, so cute!!!

  15. OMG I love that last pic! I hope it’s okay if I used it as my wallpaper, it really makes me smile :)

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