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From left to right:
Kipper, Kaycee, Howie and Miley!

Miley and Howie are two of the *luckiest* puppies ever!! Not only did they get to spend a weekend in a luxury cabin in beautiful Pigeon Forge, TN, they got to do it with their best friends, boston terriers Kipper and Kaycee!!! They spent all weekend playing together and having a BLAST, this was definitely one of Miley and Howie's best weekends ever!!! :) We stayed in the gorgeous pet-friendly cabin The Pumpkin Patch! <<<Click there to check out all the pics! Keep scrolling down, there are a ton. :) The downstairs movie theatre was a perfect play room for the puppies. :)

The puppies wore coordinating bandanas with their names embroidered on them so we could tell them apart. ;)

Of course, we had to exchange gifts with our friends! I made these embroidered pillow cases with Kipper and Kaycee's sweet little faces on them.

And this is an AWESOME drawing that they had made for us from a picture I took of Miley and Howie!!! Isn't it awesome??
Do you recognize the picture the drawing is made from? Take a peek here. :)

And the girls, Miley and Kaycee, got matching cupcake collars! :)

Now, in case you have a hard time telling 4 boston terriers apart, let me introduce everyone. ;)
Sweet Miley :)

Lazy Howie :P

Handsome Kipper

And Sassy Kaycee. :)
Got 'em all straight now? ;)

Kaycee was very, very sassy. :) She always had something to say! :)

Look at those teefers! :)

We brought a spray bottle to use just in case puppy play time got too intense.
But Kaycee thought it was her own personal water fountain! :D

The puppies had a BLAST playing 4 way boston terrier tug of war!!! :) They played so hard and got along so well. We couldn't have asked for better behavior from the puppies! :)

Check out this video of Miley, Howie, Kipper and Kaycee in a Live Action 4 Way Boston Terrier Tug of War! :)
It's Miley and Howie against Kipper and Kaycee! Who wins?? Watch and find out. :D
***Be sure to have your sound on for this one!!! :)

The puppies had never all 4 played together before, so we were sure to introduce them very slowly and on neutral territory (the cabin). When we first went into the cabin, we had them on their leashes and we took them each to our own rooms. They saw each other when they were on their leashes, but we didn't let them get too close yet. Kipper and Miley had met before and had played extremely well together, so we took them down stairs to the theatre / playroom and let them off leash. Kaycee and Howie were crated upstairs in separate rooms. They were not happy about that! :) Kipper and Miley ignored each other at first while they checked out the new surroundings. Eventually they noticed there was another boston in the room! :) They had excellent body language and a great reaction towards each other. We let them play together for about 10 mins. Then we swapped out the puppies... Miley and Kipper went into their crates while we let Howie and Kaycee out!! They also got along so well. We let them play for another 10 mins. Then we tried out the boys... Kipper and Howie.. We were pleasantly surprised!! They played great together!!! Then we tried just the girls... Miley and Kaycee... and they too did great!!! Soo.... We let out *all four* puppies at once!! And again, everyone did absolutely great. No squabbles at all. After they had all 4 been playing nicely together for awhile, we introduced toys. We were worried giving them something to fight over would cause, well, fights, but it didn't. They were all on their best behavior this weekend!! Good puppies. :)

Here's a short video of a little bit of the bitey face that went on this weekend :)

Puppy Mosh Pit!!!

Flying Howie!

We had 4 happy, happy dogs. :)

We figured the dogs would pair up, but we never expected these pairs! We thought it'd be Howie/Kaycee and Kipper/Miley... But actually Howie/Kipper and Kaycee/Miley played together the most! :)

The Boys - Kipper and Howie

The Girls - Kaycee and Miley

And sometimes even the brother/sister teams would play together. ;)

This is Miley *just* as she wins a game of tug. Look at that vein on her head!!

Howie is determined to win the next round!! I just love his funny face in the second pic. :D

All that playtime wore Howie out!! All we had was this little water bowl for the playroom. We had to fill it up every 5 mins! :)

While the other puppies played, Kipper preferred to sit out on the couch with his purple racoon most of the time. :)

This left Howie alone with the girls! They quickly put him in his place. ;) He got told off- a lot! ;)

Kaycee had no problem taking on the brother/sister team :)

Miley makes some *funny* faces when she plays tug!

These are my favorites. :D Look at those lips!!

This picture cracks me up. I was sitting there, snapping away, when playtime got a little rowdy. When that happened, all we had to do was say "Hey!! Settle down!!" or something like that and the puppies would immediately back off. We never had to physically separate them, thank goodness!! Well, when that happened, I went back and looked at the pics I had just taken. This was the last picture before the fight broke out. Gee, I wonder who started it?? ;) ;) ;)

Goodness Miley! Do you need a break? :)

That's okay, Kaycee forgives you. :D

The puppies played hard together - and napped sweetly together!! :)

This was the story of the weekend. Kipper has a toy. Howie wants it.

So they tugged for it.

Kipper won.

Howie was displeased. He barked.

He couldn't figure out why Kipper wasn't handing over the toy??

So he tried sneaking up on Kipper...

That didn't work.

Back to barking.

Kipper barked back!

And they barked and barked for a very long time.

Until Kipper had enough. ;)

Howie was very pleased to make someone's day a little more annoying. ;)

Another favorite game was Keep Away! In the first pic, Miley keeps away from Kaycee and Howie, in the second pic, the girls keep away from Howie, and in the third pic, Howie keeps away from the girls!! :)

Miley's favorite, favorite game is keep away from the humans!! Here Lori tries to snatch Miley's wubba! I *love* the second pic!! Miley's expression, Lori's clenched fist, having missed the wubba... Too slow!! :)

Before the trip, we had Howie evaluated by a trainer who read doggie body language. She said he was not aggressive, but he was an "annoying player". Gee, I wonder why she thought that? Could it be the neck biting? Or trying to swallow Kaycee's whole head? :P

When Howie wasn't being such a punk, Howie and Kaycee did play very well together. :)

Don't they make a cute couple? ;)

They cuddled so sweetly together. :)

Kipper, Howie and Kaycee go for a walk together! :)


Kaycee and Howie

I think Miley and Howie have had a great weekend. What do you think? :)

After a long weekend of picture taking... Howie is done! :p