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September 4, 2008
Bright and early on Thursday morning, Miley and Howie headed back out to Bankhead National Forest
to traipse through the woods along the Borden Creek trail...

And this time they got to go with their friends Denali (top) and Titus! :)

Howie had a great time running off leash through the lush forest with the big dogs. :)

There were logs to jump over (and maneuver under!), gnarled tree roots to inspect,
rocks to hop across & lots of brush to navigate through!

And of course, there was the creek!

Miley loved all the forest tastes and smells, but she did not like stopping to pose for pictures. :p

The puppies LOVED stopping to take breaks and playing in the creek!

Howie was his usual annoying self and tried to take on both the big dogs.

And pretty soon he settled in for what would become the afternoon's theme:
Howie chasing Titus. And barking. The entire time.

Here is Miley trying to get in on a little of the action.

Having this much fun is dirty work, but somebody's gotta do it.

After awhile we stopped and had a snack on this huge fallen log!

This was the only place I could get the dogs to even remotely pose for a picture...
Just for a brief second... When the food was out!

And at the end of the trail, there is a nice big beach where the Borden Creek meets the Sipsey River.
We took a nice long break and let the doggies play, play, play!! :)

Here is Howie, trying again to take on two dogs 5 times his size. ;)

Look how annoying that little stinker is. ;)

Back to chasing Titus. The water was a little deeper at this point on the creek, and
Titus' favorite game was to lure Howie to the deep end swim off. Doesn't Titus look like he's laughing in the second pic? ;)

Howie tried to prove he was the boss, but eventually Titus had to lay the smackdown.

Miley tried to stick up for her little brother, but Titus showed her too!

Miley and Howie confer on a joint attack.

Can the brother sister team take him on??

Doesn't look like it.

But Miley and Howie will not back down when there is a stick involved!!

Success!! Miley comes away with the prize.

Look at this teeny tiny toad we found hangin' out by the creek! :)

How fun it must be to be a dog and to spend your days romping and playing in the creek. :)

Leaping over rocks, feeling the sand between your toes...

The creek was certainly a treasure trove of goodies for Miley and Howie to dig and find.

And most importantly... They got as dirty as humanly possible.

But luckily a quick shake gets most of the sand off. Just look at it fly! Now they're ready for the long hike back...