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It's hard to believe we've had Miley almost a year now!! She turns one year old on April 30, 2007. We decided to throw her a huge bash for the big day!

On the day of her party, Miley put on her best party dress and waited for all her friends to get there!

The weather kept threatening to rain...
But fortunately the dark cloud moved by quickly and we only felt one or two sprinkles! :)

Miley had lots of yummy food for her party!

Then all her friends started to show up!
Of course Maggie from across the street was there!!

And so was Casey! :)

The other Kacey was there...
And she was wearing the collar Miley gave her for Christmas!! How thoughtful!! :)

And of course Security Pete and his sister Edie were there!! :)

The other Maggie was there...

And so was her brother Toby!!! :)

And of course all of Miley's human friends!!! :)

After an initial meet-n-greet...

All the puppies decided to run around and check everything and everyone out!! :)

Then they all decided to play a game of tennis together!! ;)

After tennis, they started up a game of Ultimate Frisbee :)

Maggie won. :)

It's a chain of bostons!!! :)

Maggie did NOT want to let go of that Frisbee!! :)

But what goes up, must come down... ;)
(Look at that drool coming off the frisbee!! ;))

After two intense games, everyone decided to cool off in the pool! :)

After a dip in the pool, Howie decided to soak in some rays on the lounge chair. :)

Kacey preferred to hang out *under* the lounge chair. ;)

And Maggie just wanted to beg for food. ;)

The party was almost over, but there was still one more thing left!!!
Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter chips and gravy milk bones!!! :)

Of course, Security Pete had to taste test it first to make sure it was safe for the bostons. ;)

Fortunately, Pete gave his seal of approval and everyone was able to dive right in! :)

Miley and Howie loved theirs!!

Maggie seemed to enjoy hers too! :)

Miley got lots of wonderful presents for her birthday...

She got lots of clothes... This cute camo tee is from Maggie and Toby!!

This pink polka dot tank top from the lovely Miss Kacey suits Miley perfectly!!! :)

Although Miley's pal Kipper couldn't be at the party, he sure did send some wonderful gifts!!
Kipper knows Miley will always be our little princess :) What a thoughtful gift!! :)

And Miley got another Prison Hound shirt from Mommy and Daddy!! :)

Miley always has to have the latest fashions in collars...

These collars are also from Mommy and Daddy! :)

Miley has a friend all the way in British Columbia, Canada!!!
Keiko sent Miley this gorgeous collar from Zoe's Collection!! :)

Miley is so smart and loves figureing things out, so we got her lots of interactive toys for her birthday.
This first one is called Hide-a-Bee! Three squeaky bees are stuffed inside this beehive and Miley gets to pull them out!! :)

This next toy is called a Puzzle Pup! It should really be called a Donut Dog, because that's what it looks like! :) Donut shaped stuffed squeakies are aranged on a stuffed bone and Miley gets to pull each piece off. :)

This is the evil Mailman!!! Miley can rip his shirt and arms off! ;)

Miley got lots of other cool toys from her friends, too!! :)
Like the fleece shaped bone from Kacey (it's supposed to be good for Miley's teeth!), a funky squeaky chicken (from Kipper), and an amazingly lifelike sounding duck! (From Heather and Shannon! :))

Miley's friends were so sweet and didn't leave out Howie with the presents!! :)
Keiko sent him this CUTE collar from Zoe's Collection!

Okay, the little chicken wasn't really for Howie, but he sure did claim it!! ;) Kipper did send him the cutest little baby blue loofa dog though... Just for Howie!! Don't they look so cute together... ;)

After all the presents were opened, it was time for cake! ;)
Make a wish Miley!!! :)

Miley attempted to blow out the candles on her cake... ;)

Even though the cake and candles weren't real, Miley's wish came true! Her stuffed cake turned into a Pig's Ear!!! ;)

Miley sure did enjoy her Pig's Ear. Thank you so much Kacey!!! :)

Miley was even nice enough to share a Pig's Ear with her little brother Howie :)

"Allright, where's that cake, I want to make another wish!!" ;)

Thank you all for being a part of Miley's First Birthday!!! :)