Videos from August, 2006

Miley & Kacey – Boston Terrier Tug of War!

Miley and Kacey the Boston Terrier Puppies play Tug-of-War!
4 months old

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Miley Tricks – Wave, Play Dead, Take a Bow!

Two videos, same tricks, slightly different :D

Wave, Play Dead, and Take a Bow!

4 months old

Miley’s First Swim

4 months old
Miley goes swimming for the first time
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Miley Plays Fetch

15 weeks old

Even at a young age, Miley has always *loved* to play fetch!

Poochie Bells – Ring the Bell to go Potty

Miley has already learned to ring the bell to go outside to go potty! :)
15 weeks old

Visit the Poochie Bells website!

Two New Tricks from Miley

Sit, Shake, Lay Down, Roll over, Beg and Take a Bow!!

15 weeks old

Miley’s First Trick Video

Sit, Shake, Down, Rollover, Leave It, and Take It

14 weeks old