Videos from March, 2007

Miley and Howie Fetch the Frisbee

The frisbee is the only thing Howie would “fetch” at this age… He is so cute trying to carry that big frisbee back! :)
11 and 4 months old

Come When Called

Miley and Howie learn how to come when called by playing the Recall Game

Miley & Howie – Synchronized Tricks

Lay Down, Roll over and Play Dead

Miley and Howie do their tricks in synchronization!

More Tricks from Baby Howie!

Beg, Shake, Lay Down, Rollover, Sit, and Play Dead!

almost 16 weeks old

Howie’s First Trick Video!

Sit, Down, Rollover and Shake!

14 weeks old

Miley’s Party Tricks

Sit, Beg, Twirl, Speak, Shake, Lay Down, Rollover, Play Dead, Take a Bow, and Wait for Treat!

10 months old