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Miley’s Crazy Tail!

This is what Miley does when she wants you to play with her… She brings you a toy and makes this crazy noise until you notice her. She may sound vicious, but her is tail is wiggling like crazy the whole time! :)

Summer Fun at the Beach!

Fetch at the Beach!

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The Woot Flying Monkey

Miley’s favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite toy ever. Ever ever ever!!!

See more pics of Miley & her favorite toy in action!

Miley runs a REAL agility course!

Boston Terrier Agility from on Vimeo.

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree

Naughty or Nice? You decide!
Merry Christmas from Miley and Howie!

Playing in the leaves

Boston Terrier Puppies from on Vimeo.

Miley and Howie Tug of War

Miley’s Homemade Agility Course

Miley practices agility on her homemade agility course!

Boston Terrier Puppy Love