{ May 2007 }

May 30th, 2007

Belated Bday Present / 6 months old

Miley got a surprise package in the mail last week!!! She had a great time opening it. :) And it’s hard to believe Howie is 6 months old now!!! He still looks (and acts :p) like a tiny puppy… :) There are tons of new pics, so be sure to check them out by clicking on the pictures below!!!

howie the boston terrier puppy
46 New Pictures
of Howie!!!
miley the boston terrier puppy
9 New Pictures
of Miley!!!

Thanks for looking!!! :)

May 17th, 2007

New clothes for Howie! And a new video too!

Hey Monster Paparazzi fans! :)

Today we had an exclusive photoshoot and interview with Howie, where he modeled some new outfits and gave us a rare glimpse of the REAL Howie Monster as he shared inside secrets about his *favorite* sport. He also shared with us how he’s been going to intermediate school and gave us a video of his new tricks! :) And last but not least, we were able to sneak a few pics of the ever camera shy Miss Miley! Click the images below to find out the latest scoops on your favorite boston terrier puppies. ;)

Howie the boston terrier puppy
19 New Pics
of Howie!

Howie’s New Tricks!

miley the boston terrier puppy
4 New Pics
of Miley!

May 3rd, 2007

Happy First Birthday Miley!!!

Hello all!!! :)

I know you were probably beginning to wonder what happened to us all. No updates for TWO whole weeks??! Something drastic must’ve happened! ;) Well, it did! I got a new computer. :) Not only a new computer, a Macintosh computer… It has been quite the adjustment since I am a lifelong PC user. But after two weeks of barely being able able to turn the thing on, I’ve finally mastered at least editing my photos and putting them on the webpage. ;) So without further ado… Here are all the new pics!!! :)

Miley's first birthday pictures
Miley’s First Birthday!

howie the boston terrier puppy
19 New Pictures
of Howie!
Miley and Howie at the creek
At the Creek
with Ally and Trigger!

Thanks for looking!!! :)

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