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June 22nd, 2009

Monster Movie Monday

Welcome to Monster Movie Monday! You don’t want to miss today’s double feature!! :) First up- Boston Terriers on the Beach! This is one of my favorite videos of Miley and Howie to date! :) Howie tries so hard to catch his frisbee on the beach- when he finally gives up, Miley swoops in and shows him how it’s done. Then- you have to see what Howie does to show her up at the end! :)

If it’s jumpy, you may have to pause it and let the video download all the way.

For an even greater viewing experience, watch this video in
high definition widescreen on Youtube!!!

Next up…

…It’s Miley the Boston Terrier at the AKC Agility Trials! :) Miley tears it up at the Huntsville (HOTC) and Decatur (DAKC) AKC Agility trials in May of 2009!

Kevin gives us a handler’s look at what we’ll see in these videos…

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May 7th, 2009

Agility Accomplishments!

This was Howie’s first ever agility meet. It is the North Alabama Canine Cruisers NADAC trial. He was a bit overwhelmed and ran a little slow, but he did get a qualifying run on a Novice Jumpers course. This was Miley’s second NADAC trial and she finished off her Novice Jumpers title.

In this video are:

Howie’s first trial run, Novice Regular (NQ)
Howie’s first qualifying run, Novice Jumpers – 4th place! (out of 13)
Miley getting a Q on a Novice Regular run – 1st place! (out of 12)
Miley’s title run on Novice Jumpers – 2nd place! (out of 16)
Miley getting a Q on a Open Jumpers course – 1st place! (out of 4)

October 24th, 2008

Miley & Howie’s New Video Blog!

Miley and Howie’s Video section has a fresh new design! Whether you’re looking for the newest M&H videos, cute wiggly puppy videos, or videos of their tricks & agility competitions, you can easily find them all in one place on their

The newest videos are posted first, or you can click on the categories on the right under “Show me videos about” to filter the videos. Or if you’re looking for a video of a specific trick (Play Dead? Rollover?) you can search for it using the search bar in the sidebar.

And to celebrate the launch of their new video blog, here are two new videos from Miley and Howie!

This is what Miley does when she wants you to play with her… She brings you a toy and makes this crazy noise until you notice her. She may sound vicious, but her is tail is wiggling like crazy the whole time! :)

Summer Fun at the Beach


Thanks for looking and don’t forget to check out


May 14th, 2008

Off Leash at the Beach!

This weekend we took Miley and Howie to the beach!! It was their first time ever to the beach and we all had a BLAST! I am so glad we found out about this place, we will definitely be going back as often as we can! :) I think I took MORE pictures than I have ever taken of Miley and Howie all at one time. There is also a very cute video of them running up and down the beach! Check everything out by clicking below!

pensacola florida off leash dog friendly pet beach
New Pictures of Miley
and Howie at the beach!!!

Thanks for looking!!! :)

April 29th, 2008

Big Update! Lots of pics PLUS a Puppy Birthday Party!

It has been *forever*!!! Over TWO months since I’ve added new pictures of Miley and Howie! But the wait is over because here is a HUGE update with TONS of pictures of what Miley and Howie have been up to these last two months! :) Click the images below to see all the new pictures! Miley has a hilarious new video and be sure to check out the pictures from Kacey’s 2nd birthday party! Miley and Howie had a blast at a special birthday party just for puppies! There were even two other Boston Terriers there! :)

miley boston terrier puppy
32 New Pictures
of Miley!
kacey boston terrier dog birthday party
Kacey’s 2nd
Birthday Party
howie sunwoods boston terrier puppy
23 New Pictures
of Howie!

Thanks for looking! :)

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