December 23rd, 2007

December Randomness…

This month there were quite a few pictures of Miley and Howie that I hadn’t posted on the webpage yet, so today I decided to take some time and do just that! :) These are just some random pictures, not really of any event in particular, they just give you a peek into the average day with Miley and Howie! :)

Click below to check them out! :)

miley the boston terrier puppy
12 New Pictures
of Miley!
miley and howie boston terrier puppies
21 New Pictures
of Miley and Howie!
howie the boston terrier puppy
19 New Pictures
of Howie!

Thanks for looking! :)


  1. The love bucket sharing is hilarious!!!!!!

  2. Great pictures! Sometimes those “everyday” moments are the best. Hope you guys had a great Christmas!

  3. It’s official…Howie can’t go to Auburn anymore! He needs to come stay with me! Miley can’t go either…just in case! =)

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