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September 6th, 2008

Hiking at the Creek

Earlier this week Miley and Howie had the chance to go hiking in Bankhead National Forest along a beautiful trail following the Borden Creek. Also on the hike were their two friends Titus (a german shepherd) and Denali (a husky). The puppies had an absolute blast traipsing through the lush forest, jumping over logs, and of course, chasing each other through the creek! In other news, Howie and Miley have certainly had a busy summer- they’ve both been taking agility classes, and Howie just graduated from his very first agility class. He had to pass a test and complete every obstacle before they would let him graduate.. And of course I was there to document the entire event!

Check out all the pics by clicking below… :)

Howie’s Agility Pictures

Hiking at the Creek

New Miley Pictures

Thanks for looking!! :)

July 18th, 2008

Weekend in Pigeon Forge

This weekend Miley and Howie got to spend the weekend in a luxury cabin in the beautiful Pigeon Forge, TN, with their two boston terrier friends, friends Kipper and Kaycee!! Everyone had a *blast* and there are tons of pics and even a couple videos!! Click below to see tons of Kaycee’s sassy back talking, Howie getting chewed out by the girls, Miley’s crazy lips, and a puppy mosh pit!!!
boston terriers pet friendly cabin pigeon forge gatlinburg tennessee
Click Here to see all the pics and 2 videos!

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June 22nd, 2008

Attack of the Water Monster!

It’s Summer, and for Miley and Howie, that means only one thing!! The Water Monster comes out to play!!! :) Howie has a major, major, major obsession with the water hose!! He goes absolutely crazy whenever we get it out. He acts so crazy, I just had to get some pictures of it. Take a look by clicking the links below!! :D

boston terrier puppies
6 New Pictures
of Miley!
boston terrier puppies
42 New Pictures
of Howie!
boston terrier puppies
10 New Pictures
of Miley and Howie!


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May 14th, 2008

Off Leash at the Beach!

This weekend we took Miley and Howie to the beach!! It was their first time ever to the beach and we all had a BLAST! I am so glad we found out about this place, we will definitely be going back as often as we can! :) I think I took MORE pictures than I have ever taken of Miley and Howie all at one time. There is also a very cute video of them running up and down the beach! Check everything out by clicking below!

pensacola florida off leash dog friendly pet beach
New Pictures of Miley
and Howie at the beach!!!

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May 6th, 2008

Bankhead National Forest

This weekend Kevin and I decided to take Miley and Howie hiking along the Borden Creek Trail in the Sipsey Wilderness area of Bankhead National Forest. It was our first visit to the area and it was absolutely gorgeous!! We’ll definitely be going back! :) I took tons of pictures, check them all out by clicking below! :)

37 New Pictures
of Miley and Howie!

And for those of you who are local to the area and interested in visiting Bankhead National Forest, I posted directions to the Borden Creek Trail down at the bottom of the picture page.

Thanks for looking! :)

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