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April 29th, 2008

Big Update! Lots of pics PLUS a Puppy Birthday Party!

It has been *forever*!!! Over TWO months since I’ve added new pictures of Miley and Howie! But the wait is over because here is a HUGE update with TONS of pictures of what Miley and Howie have been up to these last two months! :) Click the images below to see all the new pictures! Miley has a hilarious new video and be sure to check out the pictures from Kacey’s 2nd birthday party! Miley and Howie had a blast at a special birthday party just for puppies! There were even two other Boston Terriers there! :)

miley boston terrier puppy
32 New Pictures
of Miley!
kacey boston terrier dog birthday party
Kacey’s 2nd
Birthday Party
howie sunwoods boston terrier puppy
23 New Pictures
of Howie!

Thanks for looking! :)

February 27th, 2008

Guilty as Charged…

If you’ve noticed that the streaming webcam has been offline today… Click below to find out why. :p

boston terriers
What happened
to the webcam??
boston terriers
Miley has
a boo boo! :(

Thanks for looking! :)

February 23rd, 2008

A Typical Photoshoot…

Ever wonder how a typical picture-taking session goes in the Miley and Howie household? It’s definitely interesting that’s for sure! :) Today Miley and I had a special photo shoot… Check out all the new pics of her and see what all I had to do to keep her interested! :) Howie has a few new pictures himself… from his big trip to the vet! Check out all the new pics by clicking below! :)

boston terriers
29 New Pictures
of Miley!
boston terriers
1 New Picture
of Miley and Howie!
boston terriers
18 New Pictures
of Howie!

February 16th, 2008

Miley does Agility!

Did you know Miley is in agility classes? She has been going every week for the past 7 months and she’s getting quite good! Today Miley invites you to peek in on her practice! See what all she can do by clicking the image below… There’s even a couple of videos for you!!

boston terrier agility pictures and videos
24 New Pictures
PLUS 2 New Videos
of Miley!

Thanks for looking!!! :)

February 8th, 2008

Howie’s Gotcha Day & A New Webcam!

Today is Howie’s “Gotcha” Day! That’s the day we “gotcha” all the way from Ohio! :) I took some pictures of Howie today to celebrate the special occasion and also to show just how much he’s grown. :) As a bonus, the pictures also double as Valentine’s Day pics cause they’re just so sweet! ;) Also, I’m very excited to share the pictures of the crate covers I made for Miley and Howie! If you haven’t already seen them on kevinandamanda.com, be sure to check them out now by clicking the link below! :D (you may have to scroll past a few pics of my Green Room before you get to the crate covers. ;)) AND… possibly the most exciting news… Miley and Howie have a new webcam!! Thanks to Camstreams.com, Miley and Howie now have a LIVE video feed! You can check in on them any time of the day to see what they’re up to and see them in live action. :D

Check out Miley and Howie’s New Webcam!


howie sunwoods boston terrier puppy
8 New Pictures
of Howie
handmade dog crate covers
Miley and Howie’s
Crate Covers

Thanks for looking! :)

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