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June 15th, 2007

What did Miley and Howie find?? Plus- Fun with a Big Rubber Ball!

Hey all!

Miley and Howie have had a fun week! They got a new toy! You know, those big huge rubber balls that sit in the middle of the aisle at the toy store that your parents would never buy for you? ;) Well, we bought one for Miley and Howie! :) They go absolutely nuts for it, and we made a cute video of them playing with it in the backyard.

The second video is of Howie being his usual crazy self. He must be convinced there are monsters under his bed or something because he is always digging like crazy to get under there. I always lift up the cushion to “prove” there’s nothing there, but this time… He proved me wrong. ;)

Check out the videos by clicking below!!

Big Rubber Ball What did they find??

Thanks for looking!!! :)

May 17th, 2007

New clothes for Howie! And a new video too!

Hey Monster Paparazzi fans! :)

Today we had an exclusive photoshoot and interview with Howie, where he modeled some new outfits and gave us a rare glimpse of the REAL Howie Monster as he shared inside secrets about his *favorite* sport. He also shared with us how he’s been going to intermediate school and gave us a video of his new tricks! :) And last but not least, we were able to sneak a few pics of the ever camera shy Miss Miley! Click the images below to find out the latest scoops on your favorite boston terrier puppies. ;)

Howie the boston terrier puppy
19 New Pics
of Howie!

Howie’s New Tricks!

miley the boston terrier puppy
4 New Pics
of Miley!

April 22nd, 2007

Boston Birthday Party, New Videos and more!

Hey everyone! :)

This weekend Miley and Howie went to Kacey the Boston Terrier’s First Birthday Party!!! :) They had a blast!! :) There are also some new pictures of Miley.. Check out all the new pics by clicking below: :)

Kacey's First Birthday Party
Lots of New Pictures from
Kacey’s First Birthday Party!
Miley the Boston Terrier Puppy
7 New Pictures
of Miley!

There are also three new videos of Miley and Howie! The first is a video of Howie digging in his bed. He must think there are 1000 puppy treats just waiting on the other side of his bed because every night he digs and digs and digs. I finally made a video of it the other day. :) The second is a video of Miley catching her frisbee in mid air!! :) Be sure to check that one out. ;) And the last one is a video of Howie snoring. LOUDLY. Don’t miss it. ;) Click below to check out all the videos!!! :)

howie tries to dig to china
Howie’s Digging Video
miley the boston terrier puppy catches a frisbee in the air
Miley Catches the Frisbee
howie the boston terrier puppy snoring
Howie’s Snoring Video

Thanks for looking!!! :)

April 16th, 2007

3 New Videos and Lots of New Pics!

Hey there!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Miley and Howie went to Florida for the weekend! I’ve posted all the new pics from their visit to the Sunshine State, plus more bucket bed pics, Howie’s pouty face, pics showing off Howie’s new collars, and lots more! :) Check them all out by clicking on a link below:

Howie the Boston Terrier Puppy
15 New Pictures
of Howie!
Miley and Howie - Boston Terrier Puppies
6 New Pictures
of Miley and Howie!
Miley the Boston Terrier Puppy
4 New Pictures
of Miley!

I’ve also added three new videos! The first is an instructional video from Howie. :) A lot of people ask me, “How do you teach your dogs to roll over and play dead?” So I made a video explaining how I taught Miley and Howie! The second is a video of Howie and Miley fetching the frisbee. Howie’s not into tennis like Miley is, he’s more of an Ultimate Frisbee man. ;) The frisbee is the only thing he’ll get up off his lazy bum to chase! :) And the last is a video of Howie the flying dog!! He’s definitely more “adventurous” than Miley, and this video proves it! ;)

How to teach your dog to roll over and play dead (bang)

Howie’s Instructional Video!

Howie and Miley fetch the frisbee

Fetching the Frisbee

Howie the flying dog

Howie the Flying Dog

Thanks for looking!! Hope you liked all the new additions! :)

March 21st, 2007

New Pics, Tricks, and a New Feature Too!

Hey! :)

Miley and Howie have new pictures, new tricks, and a new feature to their webpage to show off!

We’ll start with the new feature. Now when you go to Miley and Howie’s photo pages, if you put your mouse over an image, a larger version should appear, giving you a better look! Try it out by clicking on the links below, then putting your mouse over a picture of Miley or Howie!

Miley the boston terrier puppy
4 New Pictures of Miley!

Howie the boston terrier puppy
1 New Picture of Howie!

Miley and Howie - Boston Terrier Puppies
3 New Pictures of Miley and Howie!

Miley and Howie also have two new videos to share with you! :)
Click the image below to view a video of Miley and Howie playing the recall game (coming when called) and doing their tricks (lay down, roll over and play dead) in synchronization!! :)

Miley and Howie - Boston Terrier Puppies - Trick Video
2 New Videos of Miley and Howie!

Thanks for looking!! :) Let me know how you like the new feature… Just click “Comments” below and leave a comment! :)

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