June 22nd, 2009

Monster Movie Monday

Welcome to Monster Movie Monday! You don’t want to miss today’s double feature!! :) First up- Boston Terriers on the Beach! This is one of my favorite videos of Miley and Howie to date! :) Howie tries so hard to catch his frisbee on the beach- when he finally gives up, Miley swoops in and shows him how it’s done. Then- you have to see what Howie does to show her up at the end! :)

If it’s jumpy, you may have to pause it and let the video download all the way.

For an even greater viewing experience, watch this video in
high definition widescreen on Youtube!!!

Next up…

…It’s Miley the Boston Terrier at the AKC Agility Trials! :) Miley tears it up at the Huntsville (HOTC) and Decatur (DAKC) AKC Agility trials in May of 2009!

Kevin gives us a handler’s look at what we’ll see in these videos…

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June 20th, 2009

Monster POOL Party!

One of Miley and Howie’s favorite summer hangouts is the POOL! :) They *love* to hang out by the pool and play VOLLEYBALL!! :)

They love to bounce it back and forth- like seals!

My, what BIG TEETH you have, Miley!

Miley doesn’t like swimming in the ocean, but she loves swimming in the pool! :)

She just jumps right it- It’s hard to keep her out of it.

She LOVES it when you bring the ball out- just look at those eyes! :)

She’s great at volleyball *in* the pool too.

Miley swims with slow, relaxed, easy strokes.

Howie usually prefers to lounge by the pool and watch- but eventually he can’t resist. He has to join in on the fun! :)

Oof- I think that water was a little colder than he was expecting!

But after he jumps in a couple of times, he gets used to it and dives right in like a pro. :)

Howie swims *fast*!!! And with all his might! He would *easily* beat Miley in a race. :)

He tries to play pool volleyball too. ;)

When they’re not swimming, Miley and Howie are right at the edge of the pool, trying to get that ball!

The look on Miley’s face after a successful serve is priceless! :)

there’s more! See the rest of the pics from Miley and Howie’s pool party! (Scroll down past the Beach Party Pics!)

June 18th, 2009

Monster Beach Party!

In the summer, Miley and Howie’s favorite place to go is the beach! :)

This “Attention Dogs” sign cracks me up every time! :)

Miley and Howie love fetching this bright orange rubber bouncy ball anywhere they go…

But Miley thinks it’s so much more fun with the salty air in her hair and the sand between her toes! ;)

If the ball goes into the ocean, Howie makes a big splash diving in to retrieve it :)

While fighting over possession of the ball, Howie body slams into Miley-  2 dogs, 8 legs, and none of them touching the ground!

This time Howie dove for the ball, but ended up taking a tumble and rolled a few feet in the sand.

Howie always has a blast running up and down the beach.


When it comes to the ocean, Howie is the brave one- He’ll just jump right in!

He loves swimming out into the surf and fetching sticks.

Miley prefers to stay on the beach and catch her frisbee.

Of course Howie joins in on the beach frisbee fun too. ;)

A little too much sand there, Howie?

Miley and Howie race at top speed across the sand- to see who can get to the frisbee first!

Uh oh! It went into the ocean!

But that’s no problem for Howie. :)

Now if the ball goes into the ocean, Miley has to go get it. She doesn’t like it, but Howie’s mouf isn’t big enough to hold onto the ball! :)

Howie’s soakin’ up the rays- check out his new beachy surfboard collar! :)

more pics! See the rest of the pics from Miley and Howie’s beach vacation!

Thanks for looking! :)

June 16th, 2009

Monster Weekend in the Mountains

A few weekends ago, Kevin and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and spent a long weekend tucked away in a cozy cabin in Helen, Georgia. It’s quiet location in the Blue Ridge Mountains, nestled right on the Chattahoochee River made it the perfect spot for weekend getaway. And since the cabin was pet-friendly, Miley and Howie got to come with us! :)

Our Pics! – See all the pics on our blog!

Miley and Howie Pics! – Click here to see the Miley and Howie pics! :)

Thanks for looking! :)

May 7th, 2009

Agility Accomplishments!

This was Howie’s first ever agility meet. It is the North Alabama Canine Cruisers NADAC trial. He was a bit overwhelmed and ran a little slow, but he did get a qualifying run on a Novice Jumpers course. This was Miley’s second NADAC trial and she finished off her Novice Jumpers title.

In this video are:

Howie’s first trial run, Novice Regular (NQ)
Howie’s first qualifying run, Novice Jumpers – 4th place! (out of 13)
Miley getting a Q on a Novice Regular run – 1st place! (out of 12)
Miley’s title run on Novice Jumpers – 2nd place! (out of 16)
Miley getting a Q on a Open Jumpers course – 1st place! (out of 4)

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